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Humans, as the saying goes, are social animals. Our best aspects as individuals are facilitated through open and deep communication with other people, and our recovery from mental hardships, including anxiety and anxiety disorders, depends on consistent socialization.

This advice may sound simple, but anyone dealing with high anxiety, fear, and stress knows that these disorders prey on your self-confidence, motivation, and interject shame and doubt into your ability to seek outside support. At its negative extreme, anxiety acts as a wedge between needing help and isolating yourself from that help. People experiencing anxiety become more ruminative, internalized, and prone to inner-dialogues of guilt, fear, and hopelessness in response to the telltale physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety.

People with Social Anxiety Disorder, for instance, come to see even mundane social interactions as cause for alarm. Studies also show that depression isolates people into self-defeating routines, and only through novel pattern-breaking (new experiences, more socialization) are these fixed tracks erased.

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