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In the 1960s, Dr Roger W. Sperry, a neuroscientist who was subsequently awarded the Nobel Prize for his research, had conducted extensive experiments on epileptic patients and made an important discovery that indicated the 2 hemispheres (right and left) of the brain tend to divide the major intellectual functions between them and that they process information differently.

The left-brain regulated information such as words, numbers and logic while the right brain deals with images, colors and spatial orientation. Furthermore, the left-brain processes the information we receive in a linear and sequential manner while the right-brain processes information holistically by larger volume.

Multiple Intelligence

Since then, ideas about intelligence began to change and we are now aware that there are different kinds of intelligences, and that each is equally important. Whereas Traditional IQ (dominated by the left brain) tends to focus on the analytical and logical process, Creative/Emotional intelligence (dominated by the right brain) refers to the associative, radiant and explosive thought process that lead the brain into new realms of thinking and expression. In general, the left-brain equipped us with skills that enable us to deal with the normal daily functions of life while the right brain provides us with exceptional skills to think creatively.

However, our formal education in school place great emphasis on linguistic and mathematical skills, hence the development of the right brain have often been neglected. Most of us only utilize 10% of our brain in our daily life; imagine then, what you can do with the additional brainpower from your right brain!

New Learning in a New Era

Creative/Emotional intelligence is at least as important as Traditional IQ and is becoming particularly significant in the new change-oriented and information based 21st century. To develop and nurture our multiple intelligences would now be of paramount importance in this challenging new era.

A truly intelligent person is not one who can simply spout words and numbers; it is someone who can react 'intelligently' to all opportunities, stimulations and problems provided by the environment. Real intelligence also means engaging your brain in every aspects of life; after all, all of life is, in fact, starts with the Brain!

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