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Secondary prevention to reduce your risk
Secondary prevention is a very serious matter

40% of stroke survivors have a second stroke within five years with the highest risk being in the first few months after the stroke or TIA.

A repeat stroke is frequently more devastating than the first.

Lifestyle adjustments often need to be made- these seem simple but require commitment and permanence.

Secondary prevention measures include:

Regular checks by your doctor for:
Blood pressure
High blood pressure and high cholesterol usually respond well to medication taken as prescribed
Control diabetes by following medical advice carefully
Heart beat

Don't smoke
Stopping smoking is not easy for the dedicated smoker ? but it is vital -  it is possible to give up cigarettes. Assistance is available.

Reduce your stress levels

Limit your alcohol intake

Manage your weight

Exercise regularly
Many forms of exercise are available to suit individual tastes. Walking is easy ?no special equipment, can be done at any time, in most weather ?exercise that also provides fun, pleasure and companionship is very valuable.

Eat a balanced diet, avoid food high in salt and fat

Enjoy work and play

Follow medical advice faithfully

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