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Just as overextending yourself is exhausting, so is doing too little. "Seemingly harmless habits that I call 'soft addictions' can rob you of energy," says Wright. "When you're shopping too much or constantly checking e-marl, you're making yourself numb and dumb. Instead, by engaging in life, you get energy."

Wright recommends practicing the "math of more," adding things to your life that are more fulfilling and nourishing. It can be as simple as working on a needlepoint project instead of watching reality TV, or playing Scrabble with your teen instead of flipping through catalogs.

Start by writing a vision statement spelling out what you want to feel or how you'd like to make a difference. Write it in the active, present tense. For example: "I'm a vital, alive person who is fully engaged in life." Now hold yourself to this one, articulated decision. Tape it to your bathroom mirror or use it as your screensaver.

This "one decision" technique is different than goal setting. It's your vision for yourself, says Wright, and it helps you realize you can be more than you are. "Nourish yourself each day with conscious breathing, stretch breaks, or calls to friends. Read something inspirational, jot in a journal, eat lunch outside instead of at your desk, or walk in the park," she suggests. "All these things bring you energy by breaking you out of your trance. They make you feel more alive and energetic."

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