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Perlman began his music career at the Academy of Music in Tel-Aviv, Israel. In 1958, at the age of 13, Itzhak Perlman won an Israeli talent competition. This win made it possible for Perlman to travel to the United States to tour and appear on television. He then stayed in the U.S. and continued his musical training at the Juilliard School in New York City. In 1964, Perlman won a contest among young musicians known as the Leventritt Competition. Winning this competition opened the door for young Perlman to perform his violin music all over the world.

Itzhak, now an acclaimed violinist of his generation, has performed with every major orchestra and in recitals and festivals the world over. In 1986, he received the nation's Medal of Liberty from U.S. President Ronald Reagan. His joy of making music has captivated audiences and has achieved Perlman a level of respect and admiration among people of many nations. Great violin concertos make up the core of Perlman's recorded music, ranging from the baroque to the contemporary. Most recently Perlman is featured in the hit new movie Music of the Heart.

Born (1945) in Tel Aviv, Israel, Itzhak Perlman contracted polio at age 4, permanently paralyzing his legs. He performs his music while seated and walks with crutches. Itzhak is a well known advocate for people with disabilities, actively promoting laws to ease access to buildings and transportation.

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