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The classic way in which psychologists treat phobias is a type of behavior modification called desensitization.

The goal, as the name suggests, is to make you less sensitive to fearful thoughts about driving. You do this by gradually being exposed to things associated with driving until you can actually drive without feeling debilitating fear.

The technique may involve learning about your specific version of the fear.

For example, was it triggered by a memory that you are aware of or are you not able to remember how it started? Are you more afraid of driving in certain situations, such as in bad weather or at night?

Behavior modification works for many people, but what if this approach doesnt work for you?

It could be that your brain is not ready to process the new information because of that chemical imbalance mentioned earlier.

If youve tried behavioral therapy but are still afraid to drive, you might consider taking a short course of medication and then trying behavior modification again.

Think of this as similar to priming a wall before painting it. In most cases, some form of behavior (or thought) modification under the right mental conditions (with your brain chemistry working properly) will do the trick to reduce or eliminate your fear of driving.

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