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Our mind is naturally programmed to focus on the negative, our early childhood experiences, negative life experiences etc reinforce these negative neural pathways in our brain. You need to unlearn these old ways and learn new tricks. Are you wondering if you can learn new tricks? Well yes, your age is never a part of the equation, you can if you have the will to overcome your fear. Here are some simple, doable tips to rewire your brain.

You could spend a pot of money on a 'tapping summit' or lighten your purse on some online program to get these tips, however, the basics are the same. The only advantage that you could have when you take help from a trainer or go to a summit is that your beliefs are reinforced by hundreds of others doing the same things as you or that your trainer is your point of contact for your faith in the system. If you have faith in yourself and believe that you have the persistence and commitment to change your life, you can work on your own.

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