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Has fear robbed your life of its fullness and beauty? Are you sick of hearing this statement 'the only way to overcome fear is to face it'? Well, I am not going to say anything much different, and yet what you will understand from this article may be different in some ways and may save you some heartache and pain.

The brain takes the easy approach to any problem, fleeing is learned a response which is easier than facing confrontation and the pressure of overcoming a challenge.

Yet, it is possible to rewire your brain to respond differently to the same situations. It takes some dedication and pain, but it is possible. Whatever the method that your mind has adopted as responses to a situation, be it fear, worry, anxiety or panic, it can be unlearned.

Take heart, your brain can be rewired to function with courage, face the fears and challenges, stop worrying and be at peace or remain calm in the face of the most threatening events. Yes, you can do it.

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