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Methods for handling anger
Can the Source of Aggression be found in the Brain?
Sex differences in human aggression
Winslow studies brain chemical's role in aggression
Brain Injury Causes Aggression
Understanding Aggression
Teen Aggression and Steroids?
Understanding the Origins of Violence and Aggression
Humans Most Violent When Only 2 Years Old
Brain and aggression
Why Some Kids Turn Violent
Violent TV Changes the Brain
Violent video games lead to brain activity characteristic of aggression
Hot-Headed Guys? It's All in the Brain
Tracking Down the Monster Within Us
Dealing With Anger and Aggression
Index And Ring Finger Lengths Partially Predict Violent Tendencies
Steroids May Alter Aggression Area of Brain
Scientists link aggression to brain impairment
Aggression, Anger, and Nicotine Addiction

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