Why do we lie?

Signs of Lying

Can lying really come naturally?

Why do we lie

Lying is considered by many experts to be a natural human tendency.

In the same way that children learn to walk, talk, and cry, we also learn to lie at a very early age.

The primary reasons people of all ages lie is to avoid punishment or get something they want.

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Many Shades of Lies

Manipulation can take many forms.

You might think of compulsive lying as the fabrication of elaborate stories that are easily debunked and taken to be ridiculous among peers.

However, compulsive liars can be much more subtle and trickier to figure out.

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Lying is not the fault of the brain but the person to whom the brain belongs.

When someone tells a lie, he or she is not merely incorrect but deceptive.

People who lie are deliberately distorting the truth and misleading someone in hopes of gain, placing their purposes above the understanding and trust of the person to whom they lie.

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