To be Persuasive we must be Believable.

To be Believable we must be Credible.

To be Credible we must be Truthful.


Socialised psychopath will present themselves as the perfect partner by noticing the victim's needs, insecurities, and strengths as well as weaknesses in order to create a persona that seems ideal to the victim.

The victim quickly likes and then trusts the psychopath and so the mind control begins.

They can be charming, witty and seem intelligent, talking easily about a range of topics.

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Not Your Fault

Most emotional charges are programmed into your subconscious mind by someone else or some outside event.

When? When we’re most vulnerable, of course. Emotional vulnerability is at its peak before the critical faculty of the mind is developed.

As you may recall,that takes place in very early childhood, when the subconscious mind is completely exposed.

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Subconscious Mind

The use of Positive Affirmations helps the Subconscious mind to reprogram through repeated personal, positive, present tense statements that can override the negative belief or negative thoughts already registered.

The repetition of these affirmations brings about new attitude while creating new pathways in the Subconscious mind.

This also helps the Subconscious mind to start acting in those ways.

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