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Ginkgo Biloba

This is considered to be the oldest tree on earth. The leaf extract from this tree has been used for centuries to increase blood circulation to the tiny blood vessels of the brain. This results in improved memory, cognition and alertness. It is widely prescribed by doctors in Europe and Asia. Additionally it is a known antioxidant and helps the brain to create ATP.

Effects are usually noticeable after two or three weeks of continue use. There are no reported side-effects in the medical literature but some have experience stomach troubles in high doses. You can obtain this from most health food suppliers.

This is just a small sketch of what it available for proper brain nutrition and improved creative thought. Hopefully, it will lead you to do your own research into what is available for enhanced brain functioning. Doing a keyword search on any of the amino acids or the four substances I've named, will bring you a wealth of detailed information and avenues to obtain these substances. I would strongly urge anyone so inclined to educate themselves thoroughly before taking anything you are unfamiliar with.

A well nourished brain is vital to creative thought. The body can produce most of what you need with a good balanced diet. Sufficient water, of course, is essential to the electrical firing of the brain and can not be overstated. Use your own intuition to know what to add to your regular diet as a supplement. Dosage is critical and would be different for each individual. More is not always better. Have respect for your brain and it will serve you well as the architect of your creative experiences.

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