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Piracetam has been used for over fifteen years as an aid in the treatment of alcoholism, dementia and stroke. Developed by UCB laboratories in Belgium, it has been found to increase the flow of information across the corpus callosum, the set of fibers that connects the right and left hemispheres. It has been shown in clinical studies to improve the integration of information processing, attention span and concentration. Piracetam has also been used to treat conditions of hypoxia, or too little oxygen. It has been particularly effective in the treatment of dyslexia, stroke, senile dementia, and in rehabilitating a brain that has been damaged chemically. It acts to step up the production of ATP and improved cerebral microcirculation (blood flow). It also appears to enhance protein synthesis. The fact that is has been shown to increase the flow of information between hemispheres is particularly important, as this alone will improve cognition, memory and all learning skills.

It has been shown to have no known side effects or toxicity of it's own but should not be used with amphetamines or other psychotropic as it will increase their effects.

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