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Creative thought depends upon a well nourished brain. The brain is the master controller of the body as well as the mind. It is estimated that there are over 100 billion neurons available to facilitate thought.

Thus, the brain requires 20% of our oxygen and 50% of available glucose to do its job. If this supply of energy and oxygen is interrupted for 15 seconds unconsciousness occurs, if stopped for approximately five minutes, brain death occurs.

It makes common sense that a balanced nutritional diet is crucial for the brain to process thought. Our focus here is on those particular nutrients that can specifically enhance neuron firing and cross linking in the brain. There are certain substances that clinical research has found to minimize brain damage, repair damage already done, and alleviate the natural deterioration process or to enhance normal functioning to superior levels. First I'll give a little background on the nutrients in a good diet that aid this process, and then we'll discuss the substances that have been found to aid specific conditions.

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