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Dr. Mercola's Comment:

The researchers uncovered a highly significant truth about vitamin E. With respect to preserving brain function, dietary vitamin E appears to be superior to that obtained from taking supplements, as no additional benefit from supplements was seen if people already had enough vitamin E in their diet.

The point? Eat a healthy diet. Start with my eating plan. If following the plan closely proves too difficult, then definitely consider taking vitamin E supplements, about 400 units per day. I don't believe there is any additional benefit from taking a higher dose. I might be wrong on this one, but that is my current belief.

Lisa is a dental hygienist for over 11 years and she provided an early response to this article that confirms this point. She finds that her patients that take more than the RDA of 400 IU's for Vitamin E -- - do not heal and they bleed excessively.

She did several "trial and error" type experiments with her patients that never heal from periodontal treatment and it always is the patients that take 1000-1500 IU of Vitamin E -- -that never heal and bleed excessively. Once the E is taken away -- 2 weeks later -- they heal and look like a healthy mouth. When we get our patients off the vitamin E -- they heal correctly and the bleeding goes away.

Having established that dietary vitamin E is ideal, I still do suggest that most of us should also be on supplemental vitamin E. It may not provide additional brain protection if you are on a good diet, but it will help in other respects.

One of the most important is it will protect the highly perishable omega-3 fish oils once they are in your body (a high quality extra virgin olive oil may also be useful here as it has a fat called squalene that serves as a potent anti-oxidant, protecting perishable fats like omega-3 oils.)

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