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11,000-electrode reprogrammable chip takes brain-computer interfaces to a new level
3D light switch for the brain could lead to neural prostheses
3D Printed Brains Help Train Future Neurosurgeons
4 main types of artificial limbs
A Book, Neurotechnology for Biomimetic Robots
A password system that tracks and authenticates your brain waves
Advances in neuroscience expand treatment?and lower costs?for patients with psychiatric and neurological disorders
Advances in Neuroscience Raise Medical Hopes Social Questions
Advantage of optogenetics over other neuromodulation techniques
Algorithm may solve hearing-impaired background-noise woes
Altering Brainwaves?
Alternative forms of plasticity-based training
Analyst Probes Commercialization of Neuroprostheses
Applying the Brain Computer Interface Technology to Communicate with Animals
Are neuristors the future of prosthesis and robotics?
Are We Ready To Accept Cyborgs In Our Society
Artificial brain-like structure in a dish
Augmenting signals coming into the brain
Australia has an unmatched reputation as a world leader in neuroprostheses

Better neural control of prosthetics for amputees
Biocompatible graphene transistor array reads cellular signals
Bionic eye promises vision for the blind
Bionic Eye Reawakens Blind Woman's Optic Nerve
Bionic Hand Allows Amputee to Feel in Real-time
Bladder Control Prostheses
Blind man regains his eyesight with a bionic eye
Bleeding edge of neurohacking and transhumanism
BMI History and Development Timeline
BMI training reduced phantom limb pain
Brain Cap Technology Turns Thoughts in to Motion
Brain-computer interface options are already on the market
Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs)
Brain-controlled drone race pushes future tech
BrainGate neural interface system reaches 1,000-day performance milestone
BrainGate Researchers Win Prestigious International Award
Brain-machine interfaces offer improved options for prosthetics and treatments after injury
Brain-on-a-Chip Technology Aids CNS Drug Discovery
Brain on a Microchip Technology
Brain painting
Brain process takes paper shape
Brain scans can guess when we are about to make a cognitive error
Brain scans as an insight into responsibility
Brain Scans Predict Who Benefits from Electrode Implants in Their Heads
Brain Simulation Platform by European Commission
Brain to brain telepathic commands?
Brain-to-Brain Communication Is Closer Than You Think
Brain waves can be used to perform certain tasks
Brain Waves Capable of Typing Characters on a Computer Screen
Bringing brains to computers
Brainpainting via computer frees expression for the paralyzed
Bypass commands from brain to legs through computer

Carbon nanotube harpoon catches individual brain-cell signals
Carbon nanotubes lower nerve-damaging chloride in cells
Circuit board modeled on the human brain
Circuits that learn and forget
CNN News: Technology, Science and Space
Cognitive control signals
Computer Brain
Computer Interface Monitors Your Overworked Brain and Takes Over Tasks For You
Computerizing people may be next step in tech
Consciousness technology of the future
Construction of a brain-machine hybrid system
Control video games in future with just brain waves
Controlling movement
Controlling our tech with thoughts alone
Controlling Your Computer With Your Eyes
Conversations with Animals
Cortical neural prosthetics
Current Concepts of Biocompatibility of Neural Probes
Current state of development for BCI devices
Cutting-edge tech comes with ethical questions
Cybernetic Implant That Repairs Brain Damage
Cyborgs era has started
Cyborg era has started
Cyborg insects generate power for their own neural control
Cyborg technology comes to life!

DARPA launched the Revolutionizing Prosthetics program
DARPA Predicts What The World Will Be Like In 2045
DARPA wants to build a machine that would be based on the neocortex
DARPA's Radical Neurowar Technologies
DBS Electrode Problems Create Neurotech Opportunity
Death by Neurohacking
Decoding higher level cognitive processes
Decoding signals coming from the brain
Deep brain stimulation
Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) aims to
Deep brain stimulation - dbs
Depression-battling device poised to launch in US
Description of EEG Biofeedback
Development of EEG Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease
Development of Optogenetics
Device Aims to Restore Memory
Discrimination by Neuro-scan
DoE Spearheads Collaboration on Retinal Prostheses

EEG Neurorehabilitation therapy for Spinal Cord Injury
Electrical Stimulation
Electrode-neural interfacing
Electromagnetic stimulation can alter brain organisation making your brain work better
Emotiv EPOC BCI headset controlling a robotic arm
Engineers play a significant role in the interdisciplinary research and development of neural prosthetics
Ethics of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
Ethics of Neural Prosthetics
Exploring the military uses of neurotechnology
Extraordinary Pentagon mind experiments

First Human Brain-to-Brain Interface
First human brain-to-brain interface allows remote control over the internet
First patients to receive a bionic eye
From Crystal Ball to MRI: Mind Reading Redeemed
Fully implantable and rechargeable wireless brain sensor
Future of Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics
Future of Brain Implants
Future of brain-like computer chips
Future of Neurotech Brain Implants
Gates Says Technology Will One Day Allow Computer Implants -- But Hardwiring's Not For Him
Governments and Public Affairs

How Can NeuroTechnology be Useful?
How computers might mimic brain
How Does a Cochlear Implant Work?
How Does Someone Receive a Cochlear Implant?
How is NT done?
How neurotechnology could help treat dyslexia
How to Control a Prosthesis with Your Mind
How to fly a plane with your brain
Huge Neurotechnology Industry Coming Of Age
Human-to-Animal Communication through the Brain Computer Interface
Humanity Dehumanized?
Humans to control other animals with thoughts alone
IBM Researchers Develop Neurosynaptic Chips for Cognitive Computing
Implantable brain chips could help unlock memories
Innovative headset and software that interprets brain function
Insect-Machine Interfacing
In-car brainwave scanning security system
Implantable interfaces connect a hand prosthesis to the nerves
Implanting Hope
Ion Channels Offer Possible Biotech/Neurotech Synergy
Japanese scientists build breakthrough brain-machine interface
Laser optics which support high-resolution 3D microscopy
Learning in live neural networks
Less-invasive BCIs
Lucid Dreaming

Machine-brain interface may benefit paraplegics
Market Case Study: Cyberonics' Deep Brain Stimulator
Market Case Study: NeuroControl's Freehand System
Memory-boosting brain implants
Merger of Brain and Machine
Methods of Neural Stimulation and Recording
Micro transistor prototypes map the mind
Mind-controlled devices reveal future possibilities
Mind-controlled exoskeleton to help disabled people walk again
Mind-controlled robots in manufacturing
Mind-controlled smartphones might be closer than you think
Mind-reading Electrodes
MIT creates brain chip
Monkeys learn to control a cursor
Monkeys use minds to move two virtual arms
Motor Cortex Stimulation
Movie in your brain

Neural and Cellular Engineering
Neural Bypass Technology Enables Movement in Paralyzed Patient
Neural Dust May Provide Brain-Machine Interface Solution
Neural Interfacing Technologies
Neural Prostheses - The Melding of Hardware, Software and Wetware
Neural Prosthetic Applications
Neural prosthetics
Neural prosthetic devices: Future Directions and Challenges
Neural prosthetics technology: Current Capabilities
Neural-Silicon Hybrids Point to New Era in Technology
Neural stem cell therapies
NeuroControl Exit Leaves Hole in Spinal Injury Market
Neuro Devices Find Their Place in Surgical Market
Neuroethics and Neuropolitics
Neuromarketing To Design New Labels
Neuromimetic processor board beats supercomputers at their own game
Neuromorphic Chips
Neuromorphic chips could help reverse-engineer the human brain
Neuromorphic Computing is coming up
Neuromorphic Computing Platform
Neuromorphic engineering
Neurorobotics Platform of HBP by European Commission
Neurotechnology Competitors and Market Share
Neurotechnology Could End Mental Illness for Good, But Should It
Neurotechnology for 24 7 mental state monitoring
Neurotechnology in Sci-fi
Neurotechnology Information
Neurotechnology is
Neurotechnology - Present and Future
Neurotechnology Startup Offers First Ever Mind-Reading MRI Scan
Neurotechnology, Social Control and Revolution
Neurotech Vendors Seek to Exploit Cortical Plasticity
New BCI system helps disabled people to interact with their environment
New Brain Scanning Technology Could Bring the Future Into Focus
New Developments Spotlight Optical Stimulation Tools
New Devices Promise Electrical Control of Neural Growth
New generation of bionics which can connect wirelessly with the nervous system and feel
New generation of prosthetic gets closer to the real limb
New Microdevices Enable Fluidic Interface with Brain
New nerve and muscle interfaces aid wounded warrior amputees
New prosthetic arm controlled by neural messages
New Scientist Breaking News
New Scientist - Breaking News
New study demonstrating neural prostheses in temporarily paralysed primates
New study that matches words with brain activity patterns
New technology bypasses spinal cord and delivers electrical signals from brain directly to muscles.
New York Times: Technology
New York University for work in rehabilitation and brain plasticity
Noninvasive brain implant could someday translate thoughts into movement
Novel Brain-Machine Interface Explores the Human Attention Span
Novel Neurotech Approach Uses Sensory Stimulation

Occipital Nerve Stimulation Targets Migraine Market
Optogenetics and treatment of behavioral impairment
Optogentics for the study of memory formation and anxiety disorder
Optogenetics has been successfully applied in neuromodulation research
Optogenetics in depression research
Optogenetics may be the answer
Paralysis affects millions of people
Phosphenes and Vision Restoration
Physicists develop an interface to the optical nerve
Picking Your Brain
Porthole into the brain's deepest recesses
Post-silicon computer technology
Potential Military Applications
Power Of The Brain To Get More Out Of Athletes
Preparing for the Future
Preparing now for what's to come
Programmable neural silicon
Promising Future
Proprioceptive feedback helps rehab patients learning to operate robotic prosthetic
Prosthetic bladder controls urine
Prosthetics Breakthrough Might Fuse Nerves With Fake Limbs
Prosthetic skin
Quadcopter control in three-dimensional space using a noninvasive motor imagery-based brain-computer interface
Quadriplegic controls PC by mind power alone

Rat Brain Modelers Denounce IBM's Cat Brain Simulation
Remote control of cockroaches
Researchers create a thought controlled robotic avatar
Researchers Developing Implantable Device to Suppress Tinnitus
Researchers have electronically linked the brains of pairs of rats for the first time
Researchers have given rats the ability to touch infrared light
Researchers use brain interface to post to Twitter
Research on nanostructured neural interfaces
Restoring behavior after brain injury
Restoring light sensitivity to retina using polymer-based optoelectronic interface
Restoring Lost Abilities With the Latest Neurotechnologies
Restoring Memory by Repairing Damaged Brains
Restoring speech
Retinal Implants
Retinal implant - Spatial Resolution
Retinal prosthesis gets clinical approval in Europe
Revolutionizing Prosthetics
Rewiring a Damaged Brain
Robotic arm controlled by the power of the mind
Robotic Hand Restores Independence to a man
Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine of New York University Medical Center

Scientific Calculator
Scientists develop novel way to inject healthy human nerve cells into the brain
Scientists read minds with infrared scan
Scientists Read Monkeys Inner Thoughts
Scope and Resolution in Neural Prosthetics and Special Concerns for the Emulation of a Whole Brain
Sense Of Touch With Direct-To-Brain Electrical Signals
Sensory neuroprosthetics
Silicon-based probe microstructure could underpin safer neural implants
Silicon Chips Wired With Nerve Cells Could Enable New Brain-Machine Interfaces
Silicon Shrinkwrap Melts Smoothly Onto Cat Brain to Monitor Activity in Real Time
Simulating a million neurons
Sleep research done with optogenetic methods
Social and Ethical Aspects of the Visual Neural Implant
Sources of Government Funding
Spinal Cord Stimulation
Stimulating Consciousness, Understanding Dreams
Synthetic Brain Built from Tens of Thousands of Smartphone Chips

Taking brain-computer interfaces to the next phase
Targeted Muscle Reinnervation
Technical Background for the Visual Neural Implant
Technology News
Technology to move objects with the mind
Thoughts into Speech
To overcome physical and psychological effects of upper limb loss
Top 10 Science Stories
Top 10 Science Stories
Toward Reliability
Transcranial brain stimulation (TBS)
Treating Pain - Special Neurotech Insights Issue
Treatment versus enhancement

Ultra-compact implantable image sensor using body channel communication
Ultrasound can sharpen our tactile perception
Unravelling the mind-body connection with power-efficient IC chip
Using haptics to improve outcomes for people given visual prosthetics
Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Visual Prosthesis Market May Follow Uncharted Path
VNS implantation - what to expect
What is a Cochlear Implant?
What is deep brain stimulation surgery?
What is Neurotechnology?
What is NeuroTechnology and To What Might it be Compared?
What is the Brain-Machine Interface
What is the impact of brain disorders in the U.S.?
Where are neurotechnologies now?
Who Gets Cochlear Implants?
Who Will Control Our Brains in The Future
Wireless bionic eye created by Monash University
Wireless bionics


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