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From crosswords to the Rubik’s Cube to the Wii Big Brain Academy computer games, the ways in which we attempt to flex our brain is changing.

With each of these games we are able to push our brain into directly thinking to solve a problem in front of us, but they are not able to tell us much about the condition our brain is in.

A brain-sensing headband from Muse is trying to change the way we think about our brain and its capabilities. The headband, which will undoubtedly attract peculiar looks if worn in public, uses ECG technology and detects responses in the brain. The creators say it can help to improve how you respond to stress as well as improving the emotional state of the wearer, who should use the headband on a regular basis.

In many ways this technology could help us track the brain’s activity much like other wearables let us monitor various other parts of our body. Knowing our fitness activity, for instance, gives us the ability to change our daily habits.

In theory, it is the same with the brain: by knowing what it does, we could increase what we are able to achieve.

“There’s this other thing that is happening where people are trying to develop technologies that are incredibly helpful at developing people as human beings,” said Muse co-founder Trevor Coleman.

“If you look in the fitness space there are all these technologies that are motivating people to be happier and healthier, and by tracking your steps and heart rate and all of that you can really become a healthier person.” Doing this for the brain, he said, would allow us to be more authentic and be ourselves more.

“When we start to do that you can start to see us unlocking the next level of human potential,” he added.

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