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Given the speed at which technology is advancing it is likely that brain implants will become available in the not-so-distant future ? it may take 25 years, or 100.

Futurist and write Zoltan Istvan, like Kurzweild, has said that brain implants aren’t that far into the future and we could all be having them sooner than we think.

“In ten years I think the technology will probably go from headsets to microchip implants.

“There’s about half a million people around the world that already have implants,” Istvan said.

“I believe that probably in ten years most people will be chipped and at least 50% of people in first world countries will have chips in them for either tracking reasons or for just monitoring health levels.

“Within 20 years probably everyone will have brain implants, and that’s the one where we start using this uploading concept where we interact with our chips, we interact with each other, our telephone conversations will eventually be just pure telepathy, we won’t have spoken voice.”

What we do have to consider is the ethics behind the technology ?the line where stop being human and the machine takes over.

Will we exist just as digital data rather than in a physical sense? And at what point will our human minds be deleted? The questions are limitless.

The decisions that need to be made don’t just relate directly to our bodies either.

When a day comes where everyone has almost all the knowledge inside their heads and does not need to learn it, what will happen to our educational establishments, what will work become, and what will happen to political structures?

There are clearly no easy answers to any of these questions, but as brain augmentation technology becomes more advanced they should be in the back of minds, along with the implanted chip.

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