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Proactive software agents: Software applications with the capacity of discerning and predicting likely future needs for whomever is being served. Intelligently scheduling meetings, sorting email and selectively notifying the user are potential usages.

Scientifically viable today; mainstream in 2016; financially viable in 2017.

Neural network image recognition: Using hundreds of thousands of processor cores programmed to algorithmically determine the content of a given image. Different from reverse image search, neural network image recognition has the capacity to successfully understand the photo of, for example, a cat, based on thousands of cat pictures.

Scientifically viable today; mainstream in 2021; financially viable in 2022.

Emotion tracking: Using sensors, computer vision and algorithms to correctly identify the likely emotions displayed by individuals in a crowd. Useful in airports and other high-risk facilities.

Scientifically viable today; mainstream in 2018; financially viable in 2019.

Predictive group sentiment analysis: Predicting the likely behaviour of large groups of people based on sociometric input variables like social tension, weather variation, pedestrian flows and degree of agitation is becoming increasingly possible.

Scientifically viable in 2022; mainstream in 2023; financially viable in 2027.

Predictive crime prevention: The use of sociometric sensors coupled with neural networked computers to statistically determine the probability of crime (or other anti-social behaviour) taking place before it happens.

Scientifically viable in 2021; mainstream in 2026; financially viable in 2027.

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