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What is "Neuronet"?

"Neuronet" is a new medium of information exchange, in which technologies will enhance people’s possibilities and change all aspects of their lives.

The first road map for "Neuronet" was developed in 2015. Now it is being developed in six directions: neuropharma and neuromechanical serve to improve the quality of life of sick people; the other four aim to improve opportunities for the healthy. These projects are the CoBrain, neuroentertainment and sport projects, neuroeducation, neurocommunication and marketing, and neuroassistants.

"We want to succeed in the international market. ? said Vitaly Zubchenko, "where there is a demand for "Neuronet"". The world market of Neurotechnology will exceed $ 100 billion by 2020. There are still no common standards in this field, so we are at an advantage, as we can form our own".

Neurotechnologies for helping the sick

Each person has relaxation and brain activity zones. Insomniac brains are painfully active even at times when a healthy person would fall asleep. It is possible to use special exercises to turn brain activity into relaxation.

Neurotechnology can help paralyzed people: with the help of invasive electrodes introduced directly into the brain and thus paralyzed people may have an opportunity to communicate with the outside world.

Your personal agent

What happens when you combine neurotechnologies and internet and throw in biometric communications and neurodata? This would be the internet of artificial agents, which has already begun to develop. The world is moving towards a situation where each person will have his own virtual personal agent, which will not only have machine learning abilities, but will also take on the personality of its owner. There is a high probability that personal agents will be able to communicate on their own. This way, they will be able to improve themselves through group interactions. Neurodata for productivity

Imagine that everyone has bioneuro detectors that transmit neurodata. The moderator of a meeting sees that two members have a concentration level below the threshold and they are not participating in the discussion, though outwardly it looks as though they are. People might not get enough sleep, be "night owls" by nature, but still have to come to a meeting. The moderator may decide to move the meeting by 10 minutes, or reschedule it for a more productive time. This is an example of objective evaluation of the effectiveness of a person.

Neurodata Security

Neurodata is personal and must be protected. For people to be able to hide such data, private platforms will be created in which decisions can be made safely.

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