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Two neurotechnology companies have teamed up provide state of the art diagnoses and therapy for patients with autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and stress-induced illness. Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc and Applied Neuroscience, Inc have released a native integration between B-Alert mobile wireless-EEG headsets and NeuroGuide software. But they also note that their technologies to lower labor costs and expand treatment options.

According to a jointly issued press release, the companies say that the NeuroGuide is used in the assessment and treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and depression by the US Army and others. Dr. Robert Thatcher, Founder of Applied Neuroscience, has led NeuroGuide’s development over the years?providing clinicians robust tools for treating psychiatric and neurological disorders.

“The B-Alert technologies offer a unique combination of mobility, simplicity, and dependability for obtaining medical-grade EEG signals,” says Dr. Thatcher. “The full integration with NeuroGuide includes the symptom check list; phase reset biofeedback; Laplacian biofeedback; LORETA current density, coherence, phase, and phase reset biofeedback; and the 3-dimensional BrainSurfer.”

The company says that the NeuroGuide combines conventional EEG and quantitative EEG simultaneously on the same screen at the same time with immediate and dynamic comparisons to reference normative databases, 3-Dimensional imaging (tEEG) with in depth analyses of the sources of the EEG as well as the coupling dynamics.

“The combination of our easy-to-use mobile electroencephalography (EEG) system with the NeuroGuide software offers clinicians and researchers highly accurate and efficient quantitative assessment and personalized treatment approaches,” Chris Berka, said in the release. Berka is CEO and co-founder of Advanced Brain Monitoring. The lightweight wireless headset's design is said to ensure patient comfort and freedom of movement in any environment. The company says that the cost savings comes in from the quick set-up time that can be done without the need of a technician, thus freeing clinicians and researchers time.

The NeuroGuide database can be used for comparative assessment and interventions across a myriad of applications, and it supports state of the art neurofeedback as well as electrical neuroimaging using a 3-dimensional real-time rendered brain to visualize network dynamics. The B-Alert wireless-EEG headsets are recognized for delivering medical-grade, dependable signals in portable, easy-to-use and comfortable-for-hours designs.

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