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Imagine what could happen if we could use such technology to converse with animals, as we converse with each other in the present day. What would the subjects be? Perhaps spirituality, where we ask animals if they understand the concept of life and death, and if so, what it means to them? Do different animals believe in an afterlife? Do they believe in a heaven or a hell? Do they believe in karma or a greater entity? Do they worship in their own way?

Imagine if you could have a conversation with a lion. For example, you think the question,lion "How are you feeling today?", which gets converted into data, and then signal, which is transmitted to the brain of the lion, in a form, which the lion is able to interpret and understand, in response to which, the lion thinks, a thought that is captured by a brain interface device picking up it's brainwaves, converting it, translating into a human language you understand, converting it to voice sound, relayed back to you, which you hear in your head, whereby the lion's response may sound to you perhaps like, "The same as I do everyday when humans like you come by across that barrier. Hungry."

Imagine if we could ask different species of animals, how they feel about different things? For example, if we could ask a chicken about it's sentiments that humans take its eggs or its life, for food consumption? Only time would tell, when such communication is possible, if it's response, if any, or whatever it is, would suffice to convert the entire human population to vegetarianism. What would different animals say to us, if we asked how they felt about humans in general? Would they say they think we are cute and adorable? Or would they say we frighten them? Or would they say, we look tasty? Most importantly, would the animals tell us, that they see us as a threat?

Perhaps with a means to communicate across species barriers, with brainwave computing, we will able to negotiate with different animals. For example, we engage sharks to reach an understanding, where we would not hunt sharks for human consumption and sharks would not attack swimmers and beach-goers, more so, if a man goes overboard a ship's deck, sharks would come to his aid. Perhaps we could discuss means of co-existing and cohabiting better, so as not to impede or violate each other's spaces. Perhaps we could work out means, with their inputs, on the best way to protect, preserve and rebuild our environment. On the contrary perhaps, we may just perhaps confirm that some species are intrinsically hostile towards us and that is something we may not be able to change.

Whatever the outcome, I foresee, that when, not if for it is an eventuality I reiterate, the Brain Computer Interface technology enables us to read animal thoughts, one thing will be certain; humanity is likely to understand our animal neighbours better. Through that enhanced understanding, I foresee, greater respect by us at least, for them.

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