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A novel "brain cap" technology being developed at the University of Maryland allows users to turn their thoughts into motion.

Jose 'Pepe' L. Contreras-Vidal and colleagues have created a non-invasive, sensor-lined cap with neural interface software that soon could be used to control computers, robotic prosthetic limbs, motorized wheelchairs and even digital avatars.

Use EEG [electroencephalography] to non-invasively read brain waves and translate them into movement commands for computers and other devices, the researchers aim to develop, test and make available to the public- within the next few years - a safe, reliable, noninvasive brain computer interface that can bring life-changing technology to millions of people whose ability to move has been diminished due to paralysis, stroke or other injury or illness, with the ultimate goal to “develop brain-machine interfaces aimed at restoring human gait function.”

Aug. 2011

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