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The Neurorobotics Platform will exploit the 3D modelling capabilities provided by commercial and open source gaming platforms (the choice of platform will be made in the early stage of the project).
The Human Brain Project (HBP) Neurorobotics Platform will allow researchers to conduct closed-loop experiments, in which a virtual robot is connected to a brain model, running on the HPC platform or on neuromorphic hardware.

Although the capabilities to model virtual robots and environments already exist, and although various labs have created closed-loop set-ups with simple brain models, the HBP platform will be the first to couple robots to detailed models of the brain.

This will make it possible to perform experiments exploring the link between low level brain circuitry and high-level function. The first release of the Neurorobotics Platform will offer extremely simple functionality.

The majority of technical development work will focus on the goals fixed for the second release, which will provide a flexible environment in which researchers can perform experiments using simulated robots connected to different classes of brain model (simplified versions of the models provided by the Brain Simulation Platform; high level models coming from the Cognitive Architectures and Theory subprojects).

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