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Advances in technology have enabled rapid progress in neuroscience. New technologies have allowed investigation and elucidation of mechanisms and functions of the brain that have broad impact. Neuroimaging, neurostimulatory and neuroprosthetic devices, as well as development of unique pharmacological agents and approaches have shown considerable promise in treating brain disease(s) and injury.

These emerging technologies have equally strong potential to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms of consciousness, cognition, emotions and behaviors may influence current and future concepts of mind, and may expand capabilities of human-machine interactions, and the boundaries of human performance.

Thus, neurotechnology has the potential to transform nearly every aspect of society. This necessitates unifying scientific efforts toward inter-disciplinary discourse that aims to 1) shape ethical conduct in research practice and social policy, 2) support infrastructure and resources needed to advance responsible development of neurotechnology, and 3) ensure and direct the applications of these developments toward the public good.

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