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The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, an integral component of New York University Medical Center, is the world’s first facility devoted entirely to rehabilitation medicine. Founded in 1948 by Howard A. Rusk, the Rusk Institute is the largest university-affiliated center for the treatment of adults and children with disabilities, as well as for research and training in
rehabilitation medicine.

World-renowned clinical excellence of the Rusk Institute is supplemented by on-going research programs in many areas relevant to the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Diverse training environments present staff with many opportunities to engage in research.

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine has a distinguished history of innovative basic and clinical research. An important part of the Rusk legacy has been the success in attracting more than $60 million in research funds, mostly from peer-reviewed projects at the Federal level. The result was a major research program at the Rusk Institute that not only led to significant
advances in clinical rehabilitation, but credibility and visibility for Rusk and the NYU School of Medicine.

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