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Neurotech means gadgets that help people enter meditative states.  

The name is new but the idea is ancient. Drums, gongs, trumpets, incense, geometric paintings, flickering flames, and echoing spaces have been used for this purpose for millennia.

About two thousand years ago, people noticed that a rapidly flashing light (like the sun seen through the spokes of a spinning wheel) could help put somebody in a meditative state. Around 1940, scientists figured out that this works because the watcher's brain waves become synchronized with the flashes. They also discovered that certain sounds have the same effect. This led to the development of SLEDs -- sound and light entrainment devices -- also known as mind machines or light and sound machines.

Biofeedback is another kind of modern neurotech. A machine measures some activity of your body that you can't normally sense -- blood pressure or body temperature, for example -- and by watching or listening to the machine, you automatically develop an ability to keep that body activity at a desired level.

The most interesting biofeedback devices for meditators are EEG machines, the gadgets doctors use to graph the brain's electrical activity. Meditators can use these devices to control the frequency and synchronicity of their brainwaves. It appears that this may be a fast way to learn to enter meditative states including samadhi and satori.

Entrainment and biofeedback machines are probably the most popular neurotech devices, but there are other types as well.

This page contains links to more information on these subjects and addresses of equipment vendors.


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