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Shcizophrenia  post 203Although no totally effectual remedy has yet been devised, it is significant to remember that many people with the ailment improve enough to lead independent, satisfying lives. As we learn more about the causes and interventions of schizophrenia, we should be able to help more sufferers achieve successful outcomes. studies that have followed people with schizophrenia for long periods, from the first episode to old age, reveal that a wide range of outcomes is possible. When large groups of patients are studied, certain factors tend to be associated with a better outcome ? as an example, a pre-sickness history of normal social, school, and work adjustment. However, the current state of knowledge, does not allow for a sufficiently accurate prediction of long-term outcome. Given the complexity of schizophrenia, the major questions about this disorder ? its cause or causes, prevention, and handling ? must be addressed with study. The public should beware of those offering "the cure" for (or "the cause" of) schizophrenia. Such claims can provoke unrealistic expectations that, when unfulfilled, result in further disappointment. Although progress has been made toward better understanding and handling of schizophrenia, continued investigation is urgently needed. It is thought that a wide-ranging study effort, including basic studies on the brain, will continue to illuminate processes and principles significant for understanding the causes of schizophrenia and for developing more effectual interventions. Schizophrenia is found all over the world.

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Negative signs and symptoms tend to persist longer than positive signs and are more difficult to treat.

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