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Pregnancy Skin Care


Pregnancy is a time of rapid changes in a woman's body. Hormone surges and a growing belly combine to affect everything from a woman's hair to her teeth to her feet. And it is a particularly stressful time for a woman's skin. Pregnancy tends to be very drying and irritating to the skin. In order to keep her body in top condition, a mom-to-be needs to make a few adjustments in her daily skin care regimen. A pregnant body needs special care and pampering.

The Pregnancy Skin Care Routine
A woman's skin tends to be very dry during pregnancy. So it is important to use very gentle and chemical free products to cleanse the skin. Start with a gentle cleanser and be sure to rinse it off liberally with warm water. Wash the skin no more than twice a day to prevent over drying.

If your skin is prone to acne, you will probably experience your worst breakouts during the first trimester of pregnancy. Your skin will need gentle cleansing to care for these blemishes. A product that contains organic ingredients like "Parfait Visage" or "Aquaspirit" may be used to treat blemishes. Most obstetricians do not recommend using prescription acne medications, topical retinoids, or products containing salicylic acid during pregnancy. While these ingredients haven't been linked with birth defects, there is no conclusive evidence that they are safe for pregnancy either. So it is best to use caution and avoid these products.

A moisturizer is very important for pregnant skin. If you aren't already using a moisturizer, you will need to add one to your routine throughout your pregnancy and possibly beyond. Some of the changes that occur in pregnancy are permanent, and you may continue to experience dry skin in the postpartum period. If you had dry skin before pregnancy, you may be particularly troubled now. Look for a high quality moisturizer like "Parfait Visage" made especially for pregnant or normal skin.

Organic sunscreen is a critical part of any skin care routine, and it becomes even more important during pregnancy. The elevated hormone levels of pregnancy trigger the multiplication of pigment cells, which can cause facial blotchiness, or "the mask of pregnancy." The consistent use of high quality organic sunscreen product is the best way to prevent or minimize this discoloration. You should wear a organic sunscreen (SPF of 15 or higher) every day, rain or shine. And if you are going to be in the midday sun, you should protect yourself with a organic sun block of SPF 30 or higher. You may wish to use a moisturizing lotion that contains sun block for the added nourishment to your skin.

Wearing organic cosmetics during pregnancy can be the best bet. Your face can become sweaty and greasy at a moment's notice, making your regular cosmetics appear runny and messy. Stick with the less-is-more philosophy. Use a little organic foundation to cover under-eye circles and blemishes, and for even out skin tone. Skip the eyeliner and try a waterproof mascara instead. And for the lips, use a organic lip balm that is moisturizing and contains sun protection. You may also wish to carry a powder compact to prevent unexpected shine. Or you can just embrace this "glow" of pregnancy as part of the normal, healthy, look of a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy Skin Care Products
Specialty Products
Soon after discovering you are pregnant, you should check the ingredients of the skin care products that you normally use. Some of these products may contain ingredients that are harmful during pregnancy. And some may be too drying or harsh for pregnant skin. If you are unsure about any product, stop using it until you've had a chance to talk about it with your obstetrician or dermatologist.

For The Feet
Your feet take on extra duty during pregnancy, and they may swell and be sore as a result. Take special care of your feet with a refreshing weekly reflexology session and a daily essential oil foot massage for as long as you can reach your feet!

For The Bump
The abdominal skin is under a great deal of pressure during pregnancy. Caring for this skin with a daily tummy massage and a high quality all natural moisturizing lotion will help to keep skin supple and elastic and will help reduce the development of stretch marks.

For The Nails
Some women have long, luxurious nails during pregnancy, while others experience dry, brittle nails. Specialized nail care products can help you address whatever needs your nails may have.

Pregnancy Skin Care Tips
Pamper Yourself: Pregnancy is the time to pamper the body and get ready for the hectic days to come. Take every advantage of massages and specialty skin care products that care for the pregnant body.
Drink Up: Remember to drink plenty of purified water during pregnancy. Even if it means you have to run to the bathroom a little more frequently, the extra water will help to nourish your skin, and move waste and nutrients through the body more quickly.

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