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Weather, Calendar & Clocks!

A widget can be anything from a voting poll to a weather forecast to a list of current headlines to a crossword puzzle.

You can utilize them in your blog to provide an interactive experience for your readers, or you can place them on your personalized start page to get at information you want to see on a regular basis.

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Medical, Health and Exercise !

If you read blogs, you have probably run across a lot of widgets without even knowing it.

If you write on your own blog, web widgets can be used to provide additional functionality.

The beauty of widgets is that you don't need to know how to program to use them.

Your Medical and Health Widgets!

Financial, Stock, Economy!

Widgets aren't just for personal use. Businesses also use widgets to enhance their websites.

Installing a web widget on your site or a blog is a simple matter of copying the code and pasting it into the appropriate place on your site.

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